Kamil Zbruž - 2024

Kamil Zbruž

Kamil Zbruž (born 1964 in Bratislava) promotes a new literary style which he calls non-writing. He wrote / non-wrote 23 experimental books: e.g. Drunken Image (1993), Sirius (1998), Energy (2011), Magnum Opus (2019), A Day at the Lake (2019), Graffiti (2020), Graffiti on a Train (2020, The Mystic (2023) and Magus (2023). He was nominated for the Zlatá vlna poetry award two times. He co-founded the literary group Barbarian Generation.

Magus is a rebel. Magus wants his readers to know: “The value of this book lies within the fact that it has no value.” Magus recycles emptiness. Magus is a manuscript of galactic poetry aimed at reaching higher levels of consciousness. Magnus is a manual of extraterrestrial poetry which can be read as musical notation because the repetition of words and symbols sounds like music.

The Mystic is an intuitive book of visual poetry. Its 8 pages offer the quintessence of knowledge, emanating from the springs of ancient mysteries, the Kabbala and alchemy. It is curious about the character of Lilith within mythology and astrology and about the theory of chaos. The author also wants the readers to know that the book serves as a protective amulet, it is good to have in one’s library as it will protect the owner’s house.


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