Slavka Liptáková - 2024

Slavka Liptáková

Slavka Liptáková (1977) graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Film Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy, where she also completed her doctoral studies. In addition to her full-time studies, she attended informal education at the Society for Higher Learning, where she interpretated literary texts. She has written the screenplays for three feature films, It Stays Between Us (2003), Small Celebrations (2008) and My Husband's Women (2009). For the latter she received the Tibor Vichta Award. She has collaborated on several TV series. She has published two books for children (The Boy with No Name; Dierožrút), one book for young adults (Nová oktáva) and a novel The Land of Mothers. She has authored several radio plays, educational and discussion radio series. She is the founder of the civic association Stodola Lišov. Currently, she is engaged in art education and her own writing.